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Why Recycle?

Mobile phone components contain hazardous toxic chemicals and materials (such as the battery) This means if they go to landfill or are recycled improperly these materials may leech in to the surrounding environment.

85% Of the British population own a mobile phone and approximately 1/3rd change their phone every year. However less than 5% of these phones will be recycled, and even less will be donated for re-use.




Phones that can’t be re-used can be sent for recycling.

Stage 1:
Mobile phones are collected by the recycling scheme.

Stage 2:
Any useful (still functioning) parts are stripped out and will be sent to be re-used.

Stage 3:
All the materials are separated out (metals, plastics, etc) and are sent to be shredded and then melted down.

Stage 4:
Materials that can not be recycled are sent to be incinerated to regain some the energy lost in the materials production.




Stage 1:
Mobile phones that are in a good enough condition to be re-used should be donated to a local charity shop (if they accept electronics) or given to a local collection facility.

Stage 2:
Once at the processing plant the phones will be sorted in to brands and the extent of their damage.

Stage 3:
The phones will then be tested and reconditioned with new parts if necessary.

Stage 4:
The phones will then be sent to disadvantaged people who would otherwise not be able to afford a phone.


Where to Recycle:



Cartridges4Charity.co.uk is a UK-wide service that recycles printer cartridges and mobile phones for the benefit of 3 charities. It’s really straightforward: after quickly checking if your cartridges or phones are recyclable, you can send straight away by handwriting or printing off a Freepost label. And, if they can’t take your particular cartridges (no scheme will take all cartridges) they will help you to find another free recycling service you can use instead.

With this, you could both be helping each other in their aim to spread awareness with regards to the importance of becoming environmentally responsible, and at the same time, they are also helping their partner charities with the money that they will be able to collect.


Against Breast Cancer

Against Breast Cancer raise money for vital research through their many recycling schemes.

Along with bras, Against Breast Cancer also recycle mobile phones, printer cartridges and clothes, as well as running a tree planting scheme.

For information about their recycling schemes, click here.

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