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Welcome to WasteConnect.  I'm Mandy Stoker, Director of E4environment Ltd, the company that set up and manage WasteConnect. 

E4environment Ltd is an environmental consultancy that provides professional, practical advice and expertise to businesses and the public sectors on a range of environmental issues. We tend to specialise in two key areas, renewable energy and waste management. These are both areas that are becoming increasingly important throughout the world largely driven by concerns over global warming, climate change and depletion of world resources.

Something for everyone

We launched WasteConnect as a development of our services to raise awareness to both householders and businesses. It enables us to help anyone to recycle their waste by accessing a comprehensive, searchable database of recycling points throughout the UK, a key resource for the environmentally aware household.


Also, many businesses now have a producer responsibility, this site could help you fulfill your obligations. Contact us to find out more.

Local authorities

Finally, we can help local authorities to help local businesses to manage waste a key objective in the Waste Strategy for England.  Through WasteConnect we can map the interest being shown for recycling points in your area and provide a variety of other statistical data. Contact us to find out more.

Call us on 01743 343403 for more information.


In Addition to providing you with WasteConnect, we have another online service for businesses called E4e-manager. This service has a wealth of useful information about general environmental issues, legislation, tools to help you manage your environmental responsibilities, training and relevant guidance. It can also provide bespoke Environmental Management Support for your business, helping your company to understand and comply with environmental legislation.

About You

We want to know about you.  If you have a business that collects waste for recycling let us know.  There are various ways we can help you. The simplest way is to register your details on line.  This way, we know that you exist and when someone completes a search, your details will be shown.

01743 343403