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Reducing Landfill:

Lever arch files are a type of container used to hold paper. Paper is held by two big curved pieces of metal which are opened or closed using a metal bar and a spring.

Tens of thousands of these files are sold each year.

The weight to volume ratio of these files means that disposing of them into a landfill site is impractical and economically inefficient due to the amount of space each one takes up.




Customers wanting to purchase files should order new ‘BLL (British Loose Leaf) manufactured’ files and binders from their usual stationery supplier.

The files are made almost entirely from recycled materials and are collected to be recycled again after use.

Customers can hand over any unwanted binders and files with their regular waste collections, provided that your recycling company has an arrangement with BLL.

This has the added bonus of avoiding extra polluting journeys by the fleet. As BLL attempts to collect binders from recycling companies on return journeys from delivering new binders so everyone’s a winner!

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