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Why there’s no such thing as a perfect vegan  

Almost everything we eat involves some kind of animal suffering – but we can do our best to minimise it

Eight years on, veganism still has me scratching my head. My commitment hasn’t wavered, but the questions surrounding what is and isn’t vegan continue to plague me on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. While many assume veganism is strictly about refusing to use animal products, for most vegans it is also about living a life that excludes all forms of animal exploitation. And with mainstream veganism firmly on the rise, the questions keep coming as we learn more about the agricultural price-tags of our choices. Of course, each new discovery is greeted with delight by many non-vegans, who revel in the notion that we’ve been caught out. There is now even a website dedicated to almonds not being vegan (more on this later).

As recently as last week, my “nearly vegan” mother passed on a concerned message from a close friend who felt it imperative that I know almonds (yep, them again) are emphatically not vegan. Cease the almond consumption immediately (that is, if they come from California). Oh, and don’t forget avocados too – particularly if they’re of the Mexican variety. Add dates to the list while you’re at it … and what’s the deal with figs again?

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Remember Mother Nature on Mothering Sunday

Mother's Day is a great day to treat those we love and thank them for all they have done.

Remember Mother Nature this Mother's Day with our helpful tips and advice.

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Green Achiever